Technology Testing Panel

At Parkinson's UK we believe that technology is a vital part of helping people with the condition live empowered and balanced lives. People turn to us for guidance on the apps and devices that work best. So we decided to set up a process to test them and a key part of this is a user panel made up of people with Parkinson's.

Anyone with Parkinson's of any age in any area of the UK can apply. We will select from the applicants to create a panel of varied symptoms, ages, diagnosis dates etc. We won't be able to accept applications from people who currently have any involvement with companies developing apps or devices to aid those with health conditions.

No more than twice a month you will be asked to test an app or device specified by us that claims to aid people living with Parkinson's. You'll write or video a short review and send it to us. By applying you consent to us potentially using these across Parkinson's UK materials and publications. You won't be paid for your time but will receive any apps that require testing for free and may get to try exciting new devices. In the event that there is only one device to be tested by the panel we may bring you into our offices to do so and will cover sensible travel costs should this be needed.

Recruitment for the panel will be ongoing with no closing date and you will be sent an email if you are successful.

All personal information will be handled with strict confidence and will only be used within the technology panel project, we will not share your details with anyone else.

If you have any questions about this project please contact 

Thank you for taking the time to assist with this project.